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eEditing Ideas for Research & Teaching Transfer Sp. z o.o.

Our enterprise is a spin-off limited liability company which developed as a result of the financial endowment from the Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU), Toruń, in Poland. The company is affiliated with the Centre of Technology Transfer, NCU, which is a limited liability company owned by the University. We specialise in finding and offering custom-designed editorial and typographical solutions in the open-access environment.

History and Mission of eEditing Ideas

The idea for the company which deals with digital editing solutions for research and teaching units and individual entities developed as a reaction to the recent advancement in publishing for mobile devises. The idea was recognised and awarded a grant in the competition organised by the Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University. Although using traditional book-form publications is still considered one of the major distribution possibilities for research and teaching transfer, we believe that e-publications for smart phones and tablet computers offer an optimised alternative. Our mission is to seek, create and develop solutions for digital publishing; yet, we also provide design and typesetting services in traditional book editing.

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